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10 ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

July 29, 2018



Sadly though, Bathroom redecoration is very expensive.


But we have come up with ten simple and cost-efficient way to revive your bathroom within your limited budget. 


1. Give your floor a Fresh Look


The first thing someone noticed in a bathroom is its floor. If it is a wooden floor then paint it with bright beautiful color. Everyone will love it especially the children.  In case you have a tile floor, you can repaint them to give a fresh look. or Rejuvenate your vintage tiled floor with eco-friendly acid etcher to remove dirt from them. 


2. Re-glaze tub and sink


Bathtub and sink are the most essential part of a restroom. And they are very costly to install. Instead of replacement, you can re-glaze them. Don't forget to brush your walls with matching color to the floor. 


3. Use PVC Wainscot


PVC Wainscots are very useful. They last longer, Water-resistant, and no need to repaint. Available in various color in the market and very convenient. 


4. Replace Your Light


You can easily reinvigorate your bathroom's ceiling by installing new modern spotlights. You can also use hanging light but mind the Minimum 8 feet gap between a bathtub and hanging lights to avoid any unwanted event. Replacement of light will surely shift the attraction to the ceiling. 


5. Change Your Shower Curtain


In case your bathroom has a shower curtain, you can update them as well according to your color palette. Because the shower curtain covers a big portion of our visibility and it can easily destroy your color symphony. 


6. Update your Bathroom Fittings


One of the cost-effective ways of changing your restroom look is changing its fixtures like Water Tap, Shower Head, Faucet etc. These small updates can turn your old bathroom into a cool modern one. 


7. Get some makeup for your mirror


Mirrors are the key feature of our bathroom. Give them some sort of frames like a tiled frame or a stainless still frame. Otherwise, you can Salvage them around.


8. Reuse your vintage furniture


If you have a classic old mirror table or a cabinetry, you can easily install them in your bathroom unless they are very big. Plus you can arrange messy stuffed into them. 


9. Dress up your windows


Maintain color harmony in your window fabrics according to the color palette or try to match with the shower curtain. 


10. Maintain Harmony in accents


You should keep your color palette in mind while installing little things like candle holder, air freshener holder, etc washroom to make it beautiful and comfortable.    


If you need a professional solution for redecoration or beautification of your bathroom. Please contact us. 

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