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Tips on How to Select a Perfect Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet is probably the busiest part of your home. From cleaning hands to washing dishes to scrubbing vegetables and so much more. Your faucet might get used more than many other household pieces of your home. That's why your faucet has to word properly to handle such a heavy workload. And do not neglect to select a beautiful looking kitchen faucet.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some facts you have to consider before buying a perfect kitchen faucet. So let's get started...

1. Check the Handles

There are a couple of handles you can consider for your kitchen. First, single lever faucets are suitable for managing both the water volume and temperature. You can easily turn the water on or off fast, and improve the temperature and flow for your current requirements. They are also a more modern look for a kitchen.

On the other hand, two-handled faucets provide a vintage appearance, and you can easily control the flow and temperature of water.

Hands-free faucets give total comfort, particularly when your both hands are covered in chicken grease or flour and you do not want a mess on your faucet handles.

2. Consider the Spray Features

A spray feature helps to manage where you want water in your sink, supporting you to stretch out difficult to reach angles, fit the faucet for the little member of your family who can not quite reach to clean hands, load a pot, and so many other benefits.

Many faucet spray features provide two directions — one gives a straight spray. This is beneficial as you shift the features based on your requirements at the kitchen sink.

You can obtain a faucet spray feature in the context of the faucet or have one set up to the side of the faucet. If the spray feature comes with the faucet, you can pick from a coil, pull-out, or pull-down selection.

3. Pick the Perfect Style

A stylish and classic fauces can easily change the model of your kitchen and make a bold statement. You can consider it as the jewelry of the kitchen. An appropriate faucet will increase the look of the kitchen space. There is, fortunately, a couple of choices you pick like you can choose stainless steel, wrought iron, polished nickel, polished chrome, and many more. If you want to remodel your kitchen as a modern and traditional one then you should pick a stylish faucet.

4. Consider the Height of Kitchen Cabinets

No matter how beautiful your kitchen faucet is if it doesn't fit with the space of the kitchen. You have to measure the kitchen cabinets or window sills to make sure the hight of your faucet will not intervene with what's already in there.

5. Choose Right Nuts and Bolts

Some kitchen faucet is different and not fit for every sink. So before buying you should check how many holes you have in your countertop. If there are three holes, you can set up a supporting spray feature, a faucet, and a soap dispenser.

If you want a single-handle faucet then set up a deck plate at the bottom of the faucet. It will cover the other holes and give you a clean look.

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