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4 Trendy New Kitchen Appliances in 2019

Most of us want shiny and new when it comes to kitchen appliances. But recently shiny kitchen appliances are taking a back gear, and Matte took over the place. Instead of using ultra-shiny stainless steel, matte white and black are growing in demand. Matte finishes can be applied in any kitchen appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or microwave. The texture adds a luxurious look to the kitchen.

In this blog, we are going to share four new kitchen appliances trendy in 2019. Take a look at some new matte appliances below...

1. A Smart and Stylish Refrigerator

If you compare a shiny refrigerator with a Matte black refrigerator, the matte black appliance will create a bold statement to your kitchen. Also, these Matte black refrigerator features a touchscreen interface, and you can connect through the Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can control its feature through your smartphones. It matches nicely with white and blue hues. The effect of the mixture will give a luxurious look in your kitchen. It also has a door-within-a-door design feature that provides a lot of storage area for condiments and drinks.

2. Luxurious-Looking Dish-washing Machine

Managing dishwasher might not be your favorite house cleaning chores, but once you include a luxurious-looking dish-washing machine in your kitchen, then it will be easier than ever. You need to set between this individual matte dish-washing machine in rich green hue cabinets. When you see the sophisticated look of your dish-washing machine, the interest of cleaning chores will be more enjoyable.

3. Smart and Stylish Microwave

If you are looking into the trendy and developing kitchen appliances, a smart microwave will be one of your best choices. There are lots of smart microwaves are available in the market. You can connect then with your Wi-Fi and control them with your smartphones. It features an LED touchscreen interface and sensor so you can get updated the condition of your food in the microwave. Also, you can clean them easily without scrubbing or chemicals.

4. Utilize of Rich Wood Cabinetry

Nowadays, people are looking to ensure that they aren't just installing appliances in their kitchen that will be torn out in a couple of years. As a consequence, Rich wood cabinetry is now in trend in the kitchen. Lots of rich wood cabinetry and quartz counter-tops with essential finishes are in fashion, which means laminate surfaces and navy cabinets become a less noticeable style. The appearance of wood cabinets also indicates people are searching for more durability in their design options.

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