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3 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for 2019

2019 is knocking on the door and it’s the perfect time to plan your new outdoor kitchen. Now you are just around the corner to do the homework for your outdoor kitchen outline and ideas and to update yourself with the new trends. Check out the below outdoor kitchen design ideas with grill, bar, pizza oven, storage, and water pool. If you have a smaller space, then you can try just a sink and prep counter or if you have a large back yard you can go for an outdoor kitchen with a large swimming pool. Don’t get worried about the weather, you have got the solution with a full roof outdoor kitchen design. A kitchen with pizza oven can add a lot of fun features to your outdoor parties. So, there could be a thousand possibilities for your outdoor kitchen, but you need to choose the one that fits your test, resources and budget.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design with Grill and Sink

You can use whitewashed brick for a bolstering aged look, plus neutral wood accents on the counter. Also, chevron brick floor can be a great complement for such design with pairs nicely with the stonework below the sink. A wooden full roof with extension can give you the comfort and security from any weather. You can equip this kitchen with large counter-top for prep of drinks and vegetables and a full outdoor sink or dishwasher to ease your chores. A settled lighting will be a cherry on the top. So, throwing a BBQ party comes easier and fun if you got an outdoor kitchen like this one.

Outdoor Kitchen with Clay Pizza Oven

The pizza oven which is everyone’s favorite appliance can be attached with your outdoor kitchen with style. This style is mostly followed in southwest. A pizza oven can add warmth and if it’s made of clay it can give you a subtle golden glow. You can build an oven which is large enough for multiple pizzas with wood storage underneath. Also enclosing the kitchen area with rust brick or wood can give it a finished feel.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pool Bar

If you’re doing a whole outdoor renovation and you have a huge backyard then go big with the deluxe poolside kitchen. The bar with an attractive curved or square design that almost mimics the lagoon style pool can be something enough to make your neighbor crazy. A border with warm stone can keep things comfortable with a dual-layered bar. A umbrella finishes can add four moons to the look to bring the shade for summer days. No one will ever want to miss your pool parties if you have an outdoor kitchen like this.

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