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How to Find a Top Remodeling Contractor in NJ?

Below 16 Queries will save you from the nightmare of project filled with:

Missed Deadlines, Sloppy Workmanship and Cost Attacks

I strongly advise that you ask each contractor to offer their answers in writing and don’t share the answers with any other contestant. It is easy for a contractor to say “sure we will do that” but if they won’t put it in lettering you should quickly drop them from list of work.

This may seem like a pain but contemplate the alternative of living through a nightmare project and then being reminded of it every time you walk in the room and see the sloppy work.


  1. What is your New Jersey home renovation contractor registration number?

  2. What levels and types of insurance does your company carry?

  3. Have you or any of your partners ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other building, house renovation or home remodeling company they owned?

  4. How many landowner references will you be providing?

  5. What professional industry links are you currently a member of?

  6. Do you generally provide business letters of reference?

Experience, Service and Operations

  1. Do you provide 3D-CAD design services?

  2. Will you deliver a fixed price contract with a price assurance once the scope of my project has been decided to?

  3. What details do you usually include in your contracts?

  4. What employee conduct guidelines do you have in place?

  5. What forecast, and project management system do you use?

  6. How many projects do you generally have going at the same time?

  7. How many years of experience does the superintendent assigned to my project have and how extended have they worked for you?

Service and Follow-through

  1. How frequently can I expect to meet with my project administrator to review my project?

  2. How many hours a day can I grasp you or my manager by phone?

  3. How long is your warranty and what does it cover and what does it exclude?

Obviously, there will be additional questions that you will want to ask however, once you ask these 16 questions and review the written answers from each contractor, it will be pretty clear who the quality contractors are.

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