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5 Benefits of Building Your Kitchen in Basement

Basement kitchen are more in trend now a days as it proves to be the warmest living area in the house. A recent observation of ours is, house owners are getting more rave to turn their basement into a kitchen or some type of beverage center in their basement renovation plans.

Below are 5 advantages of having a basement kitchen.

Make it a Second Kitchen:

The biggest advantage of having a second kitchen in the basement is the several ways that you can use the added space. It can be used for entertaining a large number of guests especially during special occasions. You can cook in the space while enjoying the party without the hassle of having to run up and down the stairs to get something from the main kitchen.

Get Some Added Income:

If you are renting out your basement, adding a vital commodity such as a kitchen will help to rise your rental income. It will also make it easier for the renter to maintain his/her space and privacy by having a cooking area that is distinct from the main house. This can be very helpful to reduce many strain or conflict that may brew up from having shared accommodations.

Raise Your House Resale Value:

A basement kitchen will increase the resale value of your home, if you are thinking of selling your house. Kitchen renovations are generally the major selling facts for any house on the market, and a basement kitchen will surely increase the probability to move the property faster from the market. Besides, market studies show that the money spent on a basement kitchen can give the proprietor an 85% ROI.

More Energy Efficient:

You got improved wall and floor insulation in basement. The result of this is that the house does not overheat or cool down too fast. It therefore helps to retain heat and to control fluctuations in temperature. This is why a basement can be up to 10 % more thermally efficient than one built completely above ground and will also bring about savings in the amount of insulation material needed.

Experiment with Designs:

Lastly, another amazing benefit of having a basement kitchen is that you can experiment with verities of kitchen designs here. An opportunity that might be lacking in the main kitchen can be perform in the basement. So here you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

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