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3 Simple Bathroom Upgrades That Truly Pay Off

Sometimes your bathroom is nearly begging for a total renovation, complete with all the options: water efficiency, new flooring, ventilation, modern furniture and future flexibility. However, in times its better to attend the updates one by one: a punch of color or a well-placed shelf can give your bathroom an entirely new look, or add elegance to an already established scheme. Nowhere is this more true in case of bathroom as they are typically bright on the square footage, a modification that you might normally think of as minute can have real impact. So, check out what a difference you can make with one of these below simple, new updates.

Customize Your Tub

Generally, we think of our tub’s function over its form—and no wonder: a comfortable and easy clean model will be rating its weight in gold. But this often-unnoticed space can be the perfect picture for a modest, sophisticated note of color that brings an elegant vibe to a bath. Dirty, dented or just plain boring tubs can be bringing into a new life using a tub and tile refinishing kit without buying new ceramic tiles. A tub renovation can be the first step of your bathroom renovation.

Install a Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are really coming very handy these days, and it means you can take some freedoms with yours too. You can use an eye-catching statement piece in a small bath or powder room. Or you can implement other ideas for a one of a kind sink stand? An antique dresser or unit with a counter top and sink, a galvanized wash tub with an offbeat sink or up-cycle a flea market find into a whimsical wash station which you won’t mind refinishing. There are loads of different option available, so let your fancy run wild.

Fix Your Vinyl and Linoleum Floors

Often, we suffer with a previous owner’s poor flooring choices. We all know the feeling—but reworking the floors of your master bath can be a costly time-consuming process. Yet, if you’re dealing with horrible vinyl or linoleum tile, you can use this tip to blow some life into your bathroom surfaces: simply repaint them. Yes, you can really paint vinyl and linoleum. Just make sure to select a type that’s rated for doorways and floors and prime them with two coats of all-purpose interior primer before painting.

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