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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Door

Giving your kitchen a renovation may be exactly what you need but defining what your kitchen's appearance should be may be difficult without the facts. A handsomely designed cabinet adds stylishness to any kitchen or bathroom and surely the appearance of your cabinetry rests entirely on the quality of the cabinet doors that you choose.


When you are looking for kitchen remodeling, the most essential part of the kitchen is the cabinetry. There are numerous construction types, finishes, and wood species to choose for your kitchen cabinets, but there is also more than one cabinet door shape. The cabinet door shape will set the tone for your kitchen giving it the type of appearance you are yearning for.


An ideal kitchen is the one that is well organized and is gorgeous to look at. The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house. Kitchen cabinets offer storage and set the tone of the room's style. Perhaps your old kitchen cabinet doors are well-made and still sturdy, but cosmetically worn and torn. You can take a renovation with an unique selection of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles designed to suit every home with any décor.

What Are the Different Types of Door Styles?

To achieve different looks in your kitchen there are a few diverse door styles. First there is a slab door. The slab door is designed to look like a slab of wood with no raised or recessed panelling. Then there is the recessed panel door; the recessed panel door style is when the centre piece of the cabinet front is pushed back. This cabinet door style allows for a more modern feel in the kitchen. The recessed panel can be smooth, channels, or panelled itself. There is also a raised panel door in which the middle panel of the cabinet front is raised. The raised panel can either be constructed of solid wood or veneered wood.

Variations of Raised Panel Door Styles

Within the raised panel door style there are three variations. One look is the more traditional square raised panel. This means that the raised panel of the door has the same linear shape as the cabinet itself. There is also the cathedral raised panel, which is more involved, where the raised panel looks like the peak of a cathedral. A curved raised panel door is where the middle panel is slightly arched at the top.


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