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3 Best Practical Kitchen Layout Idea

While thinking of kitchen remodeling there is so much to consider as this is one of the most vital rooms to get right . A kitchen is much more than only a cooking place. It’s a place where you keep the smile and happiness of your family. There is lot of things to consider while taking a kitchen renovation. Among them there is, will the family eat in the kitchen and if so how do you want them to enjoy the space? do you need any extra counter space to cleverly hide your dishwasher in the kitchen? Is there any dream design with colour schemes, materials? What will be the details on the sinks and counter tops? but first you need to decide the layout. The following most practical set of 3 kitchen layout ideas should give you an idea of the best option for your requirements and your space.

1. U-shaped Kitchen:

If you have a kitchen with massive space where you need space for storage and place to eat, the U-shape kitchen is a perfect layout for you as it offers counter with storage on 3 walls and there is still the option of adding table top in the center.

So, the U-shaped kitchen can offer the best of both storage and place to eat. You can use all the kitchen space at its best potential and you can also separate your place for cooking and preparation and the central space is yours to play with. This is an ideal kitchen layout for those who likes to spend lots of time in the kitchen making meals and sees it as a communal family room where everyone can get together.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen:

Hope you can visualize the difference between the L-shaped kitchen and the U-shaped kitchen layout through the shape of the alphabet “U” and “L”. So, you can say with the L-shape you are losing one side of counters and storage. But this is great for single dwellers with separate kitchens of small space. It makes the most of the space accessible while still exploiting the corner space. This style is great for those wants to cook in private. On the other hand, if you don’t want the family to shut out, likewise the idea of kids checking on dinner, the next option could be perfect you.

3. Peninsula Kitchen:

Just like the name says, when you add a peninsula to a kitchen, you are adding an island that is just linked to the rest of the kitchen. The layout is often referred to as a horseshoe shape, but it is also like the counter space of the U-shaped kitchen outline, without the wall behind it. This is very relaxing for families who really want an island to work on or eat but don’t really have the space to build it out in the center of the room. But in terms of its use and accessibility, there are limitations to this approach, but it can be a great arrangement for embellishing a small, L-shaped layout.

Hopefully the above examples cover the most practical ideas for choosing your kitchen layout and gives you some inspiration. Make sure you consider the layout which is the best fit for your kitchen space, take time to think about what you really want from your new kitchen, think about the possible way of adding an island or peninsula to the plan. Just because the fancy pictures of kitchen you see online looks amazing, doesn’t mean that they are going to work for you. plan. Just because the fancy pictures of kitchen you see online looks amazing, doesn’t mean that they are going to work for you.

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