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Four Best Practices of Tiling

Updated: Feb 4, 2020


When tiling your bathroom or kitchen, remember these fundamental laws of tiling. A good portion of this may sound intuitive, but it is better to see these checklists before every new project.

1.Try to use half- and full-sized Tiles:

It is not strange that our eye is drawn towards things that are not usual or something unique.

Cutting tiles in normal things. You can not do tiling without a cut. But it is better to use half or full-sized tiles. Because they look good and a thinner breaks the symphony and draw viewers attention.

You may ask, what if there is a narrow space available between walls? In that case, try to close the gap between previous tiles and you find more space in the end.

2. Try to maintain Your Layouts Symmetry :

You can easily see or feel mistake of a tiling mistake but they are not easy to explain.

To make it simple, let's focus on edge pieces. If you are tiling around a kitchen sink, then you should use the same sized tiles on every side of the sink. Then your kitchen upgrade will look symmetric and visually appealing.

A similar illustration applies to a bathroom floor. Here you'll need inverse end divider tiles to be a similar size. If you use small sized tiles in one end and full-sized tiles in the other end then it will look very odd.

3. Always try to use full-sized Tiles:

Have you hard the sound of tile cutting wet saw? Awful right!! No one likes it. So does a cutting tile. A floor with a lot of cutting tiles looks bad. There are two reasons you should use full tile:

a) Full tiles are good for layout and they look good.

b) They will save lots of your time.

4. Fill the focus area with intact Tiles:

When you go to a fruit shop, do you see any rotten apple? Of course no right!! Because the seller hides them or places them in a place where buyers do not pay attention.

Similarly, you should place odd tiles on the corner or a place where people usually do not pay attention.

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